Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at our website.

See our latest blog post here. http://borderburners.squarespace.com/blog/

Border Burners are artists, activists & soccer dads and moms. We are looking for more than the mainstream, corporate sponsored events in our area. We represent just about anyone in the El Paso, Las Cruces & Juarez area who celebrates diverse points of view; and radical, artistic self-expression.

You don't have to go to Burning Man to be a Burner!

Many of us go to the annual Burning Man event in Nevada; many of us remember going; and many of us dream of going. But the Burning Man culture and ethos is less and less about going to the event in Nevada; and more and more about being a "burner at heart".

Your Regional Contacts are Jeryl and David Marcus. Reach them at jack.chill.elpaso@gmail.com.

We've got well over 100 burners-at-heart on our local email announce list. Building and using this network is the most powerful tool we have for building a community of Border Burners. If you are interested in attending any of our area meetups, look for our events at Border Burners on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Border-Burners-160384583981664/ We look forward to seeing you.

Upcoming events:

Currently we are involved in the upcoming Autumn Equinox Celebration, Friday, September 20, 2019 at Keystone Heritage Park in El Paso. You are invited to participate in this event. Details here:http://www.borderburners.com/blog/

Also consider helping to build our community art car also known as parade float or "mutant vehicle. For information, go here:http://www.borderburners.com/art-car/