Stay in touch

Your Regional Contacts are Jeryl and David Marcus. Reach them at

We've got well over 100 burners at heart on our local email announce list. Building and using this network is the most powerful tool we have for building a community of Border Burners.

Subscribe to the Announce List and get announcements about upcoming Border Burners events; AND get posts from other list members about relevant events and activities; AND you can post your own events announcements to the rest of the community.

This network is also a great way to stay connected with those who do travel to Burning Man, during the other 51 weeks of the year. We coordinate rideshares to Burning Man, and playa art projects. We also coordinate rideshares & resources for those attending other Regional Burns in our area; such as Saguaro Man in Arizona,  Burning Flipside in Austin and Apogea in Valdez, CO. We don't have our own Regional Burn here … yet!

Find Border Burners on Facebook at

You can also receive our meeting announcements and view profiles of other Border Burner members, go to Meetup at:   Easily register via paypal. There is an annual fee of $3 to cover expenses. Then simply create a profile and you're in.

We also try to stay connected here at home. We have had Burning Man documentary showings in El Paso and Las Cruces. We are here to help establish de-commodified community art projects.

The way we avoid corporate sponsorship is simple … volunteerism. Burning Man culture is a "do-ocracy". If there is something lacking in our community, make it. There is a network of like-minded people here to help each other achieve everyone's goals. You may be surprised at how much help you get.