We need you on Sept. 20th! Observe the autumn equinox at Keystone Heritage Park

Come play with us when Border Burners and the  Wetlands Keystone Heritage Park celebrate the Autumn Equinox on Friday, September 20, 2019. 

As you may know, the first Burn was on June 22, 1986 on San Francisco's Baker Beach in conjunction with the Summer Solstice. Burning Man has grown from that first burn consisting of just 35 bystanders to a temporary community of 80,000 people!

Now, our local Border Burners community is reaching out to introduce Burner culture such as "leave no trace" "participation" (no spectators), "communal effort", "self reliance", "civic responsibility" and "community service" to El Paso.

That's why on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, we will  share the burning man principles and participate in a burner fashion show as part of the Keystone Wetlands Heritage Park's autumn equinox event. Wear your most extravagant festival gear. And because burners are prepared for any unexpected desert conditions including windstorms, lack of water, extreme temperatures and exposure, our gear needs to include goggles, personal drinking water, scarves, face mask and hat. Along with this we use color and light to add to our overall playa look. 

The best defense of Burning Man’s unique culture is to do exactly what you’re doing: Relate to it in ways outside of commerce. Engage and participate and create community instead of consuming. Give gifts. And yes, play with strangers. The 10 Prinicples are at their most powerful when given to strangers.  

We need you to become part of the Burner Culture. Participate on September 20. The park charges $7 in advance for entry to the Equinox Celebration. The fee at the door is $10. All funds benefit the Center for Family Violence in El Paso. For questions or concerns, or to let us know you'll be there send a message to:



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